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  May, 2005 Junkyard Wars

    Junkyard Wars is a competition to build and safely fly an R/C model airplane in a single day.
    Two "team leaders" are appointed at the club meeting before the event and are responsible for
    bringing a 4-channel radio and a .40-.60 size motor to the field the morning of the competition.
    The Junkyard Coordinator brings two sets of "junk" - balsa, plastic, wheels, etc. Everyone else
    brings tools, glue, etc.

    The competition begins by the team leaders choosing sides from the members present. The two
    teams then build a model from the materials supplied (and any scavenged items from the "free"
    field range box).

    The winning team is the first team to get a plane safely into the air and perform a loop, a
    roll and a safe landing (if you can't take off again, you have to fix the plane and make another
    attempt. The winning team gets bragging rights for the next year.

    The competition is light hearted and fun.