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  June, 2008 FunFly & Picnic

Fun Flys are competitions consisting of light hearted events that allow all levels of flyers to compete. While better flyers have an advantage in some events, several events are intended to level the playing field and give everyone a chance. There's a list of sample events in the FunFly Events document in this site's documents section.

June's Fun Fly consisted of four events:
    - Slalom Race - Drive your plane around a course marked by baloons (don't break them), fastest
        time wins.
    - Balloon Bust Madness - Break a balloon on the ground, take off, fly a loop, land and do it again.
        You get 3 minutes to break as many as 5 balloons (balloons and time count).
    - Idle Spot Landing - Fly to 500' alt., chop the throttle and land on a spot (if you use the throttle
        you're disqualified). Points for closeness to the spot and lower time.
    - Loop & Land - Pick a random time from a hat (you don't know what it is) take off and fly as many
        loops as you want, then land (you get points for number of loops and loose points
        for each second off off of your target time (a real crap shoot).

A lot of flyers, hecklers and family showed up for a beautiful, early summer day at the field. Along with the usual suspects, we had a few members who don't normally show up for funflys. We were also joined by old friends Dick Brewer and Mark Freland. Mark had a new, retro airplane design that he was test flying and hopes to market soon as a laser cut kit.

The day started with setting up the field followed by a tail gate swap meet. It was an opportunity for some to clean out the shop & attic, while others picked up some good deals. Dave Schiavolin (the funfly contest director) got the contest started about 11 AM. We flew the first two events before lunch. A little after noon we broke for a picnic lunch of hot dogs and tacos - Hank and Art cooked the hot dogs and ran the food tent. A new treat for the club were the tacos made by Juan López and his wife. Several spouses, girl friends and families were there for the picnic. After lunch, we flew the last two events. After about 15 minutes of tabulating the results, prizes and bragging rights were awarded. Then, the field was open for regular flying for the rest of the afternoon.

A good time was had by all.

Dennis Robbins

Ron McHale starting the slalom course

Missed busting the balloon

Got it this time

Alex starting Balloon Bust

OOPS, Joe retrieving his nosed over Cub

Joe did get the balloon

Frank's on deck, Warren is holding

Someone has to blowup all those balloons

Lunch break

Kids at the field

Cooks - Hank & Art

The peanut gallery breaking for lunch

Ken arming his GWS Beaver

Team running out to restart a plane

Just missed the spot

The pits

Mark Freland

Mark's new, retro "E'Moth" design

Dick Brewer & Dennis Robbins