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Club Video Library

Ribcrackers has a library of commercial and locally produced videos that are available for    
members to check out for free for a month. There is a late fee if you don't bring the video      
 back in a month. Most of these videos were originally on VHS format, but they have recently
transfered to DVD format.                                                                                                         

If you're interested in borrowing one of the videos, the library is ususally at every club          
meeting. Or contact the club's video librarian,   Ken Hilton                                                      

Video #

Quarter Scale Assn. Fly-In 1984

Secrets to Great Covering

Top Flight
Let the experts at Top Flight show you how easy and professional-looking your covering can be with Top Flght MonoKote. This video is packed with tips and ideas for everyone.

Endless Lift II

Radio Carbon Art
Fantastic photography and great music will inspire you to get out and push your plane and flying skills to the limit! "Endless Lift 2" covers all aspect of the Soaring experience, from Combat to Handlaunch, Scale Soaring and Aerowing, hermal Duration and Slope Racing. This video also shows you the new technique of Dynamic Soaring where planes can go over 130 mph on the back side of a hill. Incredible This is on of our most popular videos.

The Wings of Freedom Airshow

See a full scale reenactment of the raid on Pearl Harbor using uuthentic WWII aaircraft. Plus see minaure R/C scale replicas.

One Week to Solo
RC Flight School
One Week to Solo video takes the viewer through the entire process of learning to fly using concise language and an exclusive on-screen format that permits viewing of the airplane and the control movements at the same time.
Note: Two DVD's converted from 1 VHS.

Marv Min and MonoKote

How to.

Holmes Flight '88

Classroom lecture about the fundamentals of an R/C airplane and flight followed by a flight demo and buddy box flights by the students.

Electric Airshow 2

Radio Carbon Art
Electric Airshow 2 features 3 days of all electric flying action from the 2001 San Diego Silent Flyers ig Midwinter fly-in. Enjoy an hour and ten minutes of hot flying and see the latest in e-flight technology, cutting edge designs, and new products. This video features plto interviews, lots of scale and jets, and indoor flying coverage.

Ribcrackers 1987 & 1988 Airshows

Aerospace Museum,
R/C in Hawaii,
EAA Museum, &
Wayne Cty. "Airshow" 1989


14th Annual Superman Jet Rally 2002

SKS Video Productions
Metropolis Illinois is the site of the 2002 Superman Jet Rally and this year over 190 pilots were in attendance bringing with them over 300 aircraft! Featured planes on this video include: Bob Oliva's Eurofighter, Joe Grice's Firebird, Sam Snyder's Swallow, Joe McBride's F-104, Ad Clark's F-4b, Shailesh Patel's Big F-86, Bob Bush's F-100d, Scott Harris' MB-339, Rod Snyder's Lear 35a and Keith Yates' Talon. Other featured aircraft include a ME-262, Top Cat, Blade, Spectre, Mig-15, Boomerang, F-20 and Merlyn Graves huge four engined Vulcan 558. This video covers a wide range of turbine and ducted fan aircraft. Run time: 103 Min.

Ribcrackers Air Show 1992

Fiberglassing Styrofoam Airplane Floats

How to.

How To Guide: RC Adhesives and Glues

Construction tips.

Spin, Crash, & Burn

Crash video.

Crasher #1

SKS Video Productions
You asked for it and here it is. Over 60 slips, slides, flips, flames, crashes, bashes and narrow escapes! All on one ACTION PACKED video. Running time 32 Min.
Note: Two DVD's converted from 1 VHS.

Morris The Knife - Hoverbatics

Crasher #3

SKS Video Productions
Flips, Flames, Crashes, Bashes, Splashes, Slips, Slides, Funnies and Remains! 45 Minutes of Modeling Mayhem!
Note: Two DVD's converted from 1 VHS.

Ballet of the Sky 2002

La Ferte 2003

NEAT Fair 2003

SKS Video Productions
From Monster machines to Micro machines, the NEAT fair brings R/C electric enthusiasts from around the world to show off their latest models. This production features a wide range of electric aircraft including Keith Shaw's "Goon", Jason Shulman's Rhapsody, Steve Rojecki's A-10, Forrest Waller's B-17, and Gary Wright's E3D-XL. Micro Machines, Indoor flying, Noon Demos and Ornithopters along with lots of scale and sport planes make this production a MUST HAVE for electric modelers everywhere.


Top Gun 2003

SKS Video Productions
Welcome to the 15th rendition of the most prestigious event in scale R/C aviation. We are pleased to offer you this program, a joint production by the two leading video companies in modeling. This years Top Gun continues at its new field at Linder Airport in Lakeland, Florida. This superb facility provided both concrete and grass runways as well as numerous other amenities for both pilots and spectators. Our program features the highlights of this great event including static and flight footage, interviews, noontime demo coverage the awards and the most knowledgeable narrator in the R/C world, Mr. Top Gun, Frank Tiano.

Son of Oops!

Crash video.

AMA Ultimate Model Aeronautics


Crash Action 2

SKS Video Productions

This DVD is a compilation of the most spectacular crashes and unbelievable mishaps ever assembled. The result is 45 minutes of modeling mayhem!

Crunches, smash-ups, somersaults and gone-wrong takeoffs and landings.. plus much more!